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We christened the big picture of the mosaic of all our environmental endeavors "ENERGY-SPHERE," the space that is independent and regenerates its being. Here all projects of learned methods are to come together: education that promotes good will and housekeeping, existing fuels and technologies supporting renewable energy in a meaningful way combined in a space of landscapes that offer recreation as they provide resources and absorb greenhouse gases. It is managed and unused land that we must recognize as "Carbon-Sinks." We offer our members the opportunity to join our program to become an "ENERGY-SPHERE CUSTODIAN" and turn their acreage into "Carbon-Sinks."

To learn about this opportunity click the link to this page.

The support of our membership is applied to install any self-sustaining practices and technologies to our "Energy-Spheres." Besides the open space planning, "Sphere-Housing" is another project that shall help to provide answers and opportunities for autarkical living.