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Let's Work on Keeping What We've Got!

About Us       * Our Statement Of Purpose

We are folks, coming together from all walks of the environmental points of view, seeking orderly and sensible applications of energy sources available today and want to inspire research for the future......

Our members, contributors and sponsors are people, entrepreneurs and companies with solid goals who aspire to show the advantages of proper coordination and sequence in the use of fossil fuels, CNG, nuclear and renewable energy.

* Actively searching for workable solutions for a fuel independent USA. Including, but not limited to, exploration and the implementation of: Biodiesel, Wind, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Water and Methane energy. The creation of models for generated revenue to be kept state side and to support and secure American mobility and lifestyle in a clean eco friendly environment. In so doing, setting examples that show the way to secure food and feed supplies as well as educate in the treatment of animals and their keeping. Containment of erosion focusing on carbon absorbing landscaping while creating habitats.

Together we will get there!

As we grow, we will educate and build support! The use of clean fossil fuels and CNG to bridge the gap allows us to implement alternative energies and support their use; this does inevitably result in the reduction of waste, pollution and greenhouse gases, fighting global warming and climate change!