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Annual Dues & Carbon Offsets
The New & Better Way of Carbon Trading
Fully Tax Deductible
Member Private Individual or Family with initial Carbon-Offsetting.

Includes 20/40 tons and access to Blog for the free exchange
of ideas & Scholarship Pool!

Individual Membership: $ 39.00 Family: $75.00
Sponsor Business or Organization donating freely.

Includes display of Link and posting of News-Releases

Display of Link with comment
Contributor Business or Organization with detailed, directly applied Carbon-Offsetting for Work Force, Work Space, Travel and Production.

Includes Certificate for offsetting of individual jobs for client as promotion and proof of purchase, News-Release postings, display of Link with comment as well as display and use of the ACCWI, Inc. Logo! Each Associate / Employee: $ 26.00 (plus other applying items)
We know our strength to educate and promote change in attitude toward alternative energy and Climate Change is in numbers. Therefore, we like you to join! Should you desire to do more, then be a Leader in the

"Forever & Ever Green" MOVEMENT

You may purchase Carbon-Offsets. The Carbon Footprints for the Items and Activities of our daily lives have been calculated with the latest standards. We found that there is no graphic difference in CO2 emission in long or short distance travel for the three methods of Transportation, but in the method itself: Car, Train/Bus and Plane. Housing and its uses of energy such as gas, heating fuel and electricity are also very much alike when comparing single and multi family dwellings. The use of energy to maintain housing is up to personal comfort appreciation, on average only minor variations are evident. Having addressed all aspects of private and business life, our tabulation for Carbon-Offset cost per metric ton is $1.10 and as follows:
Small/hybrid (4 cylinder) 3 tons per month = $3.30

Medium/full size (6 cylinder) 5 tons per month =$6.60

Full/SUV size (8 cylinder) 7 tons per month =$7.70

Wood burning/heating (96 000 btu) 2 tons per month = $2.20

Fuel heat and electricity 10 tons per month =$11.00

Car per 30 miles driven = $0.42

Travel with Train or Bus per 30 miles = $0.18

Travel by Plane per 30 miles = $0.48

Average estimated expense for daily business travel, miles driven or flown, lodging and meeting space per business representative 10 tons = $11.00