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What We Know


We are a nation with deep concerns regarding our surroundings. In the densely populated New York City, small neighborhood gardens brighten the canyons of the busy metropolis, while taking a ride through the countryside, one can see the pride taken in newly planted trees and manicured landscapes. These changes from what used to be barren or agriculture space is sprouting new habitat for plants and wildlife. The fauna in America's North-East has been replanted to pre civil war status. With less acreage, agriculture is striving due to modern methods. One can build on this common good will.

The Technologies to explore have been in use for ages. Their principals are known and have greatly been improved. Worldwide the continued development has made functional systems readily available. In the USA, the Catalytic Converter was in use long before it was a request in Europe made palatable through tax incentives. Since than larger strides were made in Europe due to the need for inexpensive, readily available energy. Germany and Poland experienced the shut off of their natural gas as a political tool by the Russians. With no energy source other than coal and nuclear, wind and solar became very attractive. Serious effort must be made to catch up. Factories, offices and homes do have the space and can be host to wind, solar, methane recovery and biofuels. Simple septic tanks can be capped to be a reservoir to generate consistent energy, while producing bio substance for fertilization. Applied in a custom sequence each host can be energy independent. Such a setup can be masked by clever landscaping in turn attracting wildlife and creating recreational areas. Disturbed grounds due to exploration can be restored in a parallel fashion at the same rate extraction is done, that's good housekeeping!